Sama-Ashtanga Yoga 5-day Intensive Workshop with Chuck Miller

We are thrilled to welcome Chuck Miller back to Yogayama 26-20 April, 2019. Chuck Miller is one of the pioneering teachers of Astanga vinyasa yoga worldwide and you are guaranteed exciting days filled with practice, theory, movement, breathe and laughter.

Sama! Vinyasa!
Breath, Roots, Core

The essential core teachings contained in Ashtanga Yoga.

Come join this 5 day program whether you are a seasoned, dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practitioner or a practitioner of any other form.
Maybe you are just a human being interested in what yoga is all about or how yoga can help you live a better life, to be a better human. Join us!

We will start slowly and using the Traditional Ashtanga Yoga form, we will delve deeply into the essence of this great practice and seek to touch something that sits in the center of all great practices.

This workshop is great for beginners. We will find ways to reduce the challenge appropriately enough to make the practice accessible.

It will be wonderful for the more experienced practitioner in that we go deeper into the important essential practices that are ever present throughout the life time of your practice. Polishing the understanding and abilityin these essential elements will be found to be the most efficient way to advance.

Suitable for all levels. We will work together, each of us at our own most optimal level of comfort and challenge.

Workshop schedule 26-30 April, 10:30 – 16:30

10:30 Morning Practice

Lunch break (when appropriate)

Afternoon Clinic

We investigate what we have done in the morning and air out, ask questions, discuss theory and philosophy of practice. We have time to investigate our orientation and objectives, the “where are we trying to go, what are we trying to do” questions and possible answers.

About Chuck Miller

Chuck has been practicing yoga earnestly since 1971. He met Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in 1980 and studied intensively with him for over 18 years, including numerous extended and familial encounters in America and nearly two years spent in visits to Mysore in South India. Chuck continued studying intermittently with Jois until his death in May 2009 at the age of 94.

Chuck enjoys teaching with a focus on the holistic nature of Ashtanga yoga, presenting it as a philosophical system as well as a strong practical method. Chuck is known for his gentle but deliberate hands-on adjustments which are both reassuring and challenging.

A yoga teacher since 1988, Chuck is a former Director of Ashtanga Yoga and co-owned the original Yoga Works in Santa Monica, CA, for over 16 years. More on Chuck and his current travel and teaching schedule is available on his website,


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Det finns bara en yoga. I augusti lanserar vi våra egna Yogayama klasser, som är utvecklade och framtagna av Yogayamas internationella yogateam.

Vi har inte skapat en ny typ eller stil av yoga, utan en sekvenserad klass som är utformad för att eleverna ska få en djupare upplevelse av yogans helhet. Det ger eleverna möjlighet att växa inte bara i sin fysiska träning utan också att utvecklas mentalt genom pranayama och meditation.

Yogayama är Skandinaviens största yogaskola. Vår målsättning är att skapa en plats för individuell utveckling som inspirerar, stärker och berör. Här ger vi dig utrymme att växa och utvecklas. Vi har ett brett och noga utvalt utbud av klasser, yogalärarutbildningar, workshops, kurser och events. Vi ser fram emot att ta hand om dig på din yogaresa! Mer info kommer i augusti.

Yogaklasserna finns from augusti på Yogayama Östermalm. I våra studios i Norrköping, Göteborg och Sjöstaden kommer klasserna lanseras i början av 2019.

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