Ashtanga Yoga – Intermediate Series In-Depth Study Workshop with Laruga Glaser – FULLY BOOKED

In this workshop we will explore the inner workings of the Ashtanga yoga, Intermediate series, otherwise known as Nadi Shodana (nervous system cleansing). For experienced practitioners, this will be an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the practice, including, asana technique, the nature of the sequence, integrating vinyasa as well as an understanding of the philosophy of yoga as an exploration into consciousness.

The topic will include, but are not limited to:

• How the Intermediate series strengthens the nervous system and reflects our state of being.• Cultivating mindfulness in difficulty and using good technique to facilitate the asanas.
• Practical step by step techniques of the peak poses of the Intermediate series.
• Learning the proper vinyasa to create meditative action in practice.
• The power of the breath.
• Learning to stay motivated and inspired through highs and lows through the longterm.• Using the practice as a living philosophy to stand more courageous and authentic in life.

The workshop is appropriate for those who are already practicing full Primary series and/or at the beginning stages of Intermediate series, or already experienced in Intermediate series. There will be something to learn no mater what stage you are currently working on.

Laruga Glaser has been practicing Ashtanga yoga continuously for over 23 years. Starting at the beginning of her 20s, she was immediately drawn to the practice after working with other forms of yoga a few years prior. After establishing a committed practice she then deepened her studies annually traveling to Mysore, India to practice at KPJAYI where the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois taught and now his grandson, R. Sharath Jois teaches. Laruga has made 14 trips to Mysore and is on a mission to continue to learn and grow as a student as well as a teacher. She is one of the few in the world who have been given the distinction of being certified to teach up to Advanced B, which is not easily given and takes many years to earn. Through it all, Laruga teaches as an act of deep sharing and love for what yoga develops in each individual, facilitating space to open, challenge, and inspire those to realize their inherent potential, and has been personally invited all over the world to do so.

Date: 14-16 February 2020


Friday 17:30-19:30

Saturday 13:30-17:30

Sunday 13:30 – 17 :30

This workshop is appropriate for students with prior experience in Ashtanga yoga, practicing at least full Primary Series or further.

The Workshop will be in English

When signing up for the workshop you’ll also get one week free practice of morning Mysore classes at Yogayama (week 8, 2020).



  • February 14 , 2020 --February 14 , 2020

    The workshop includes all 3 days.

  • February 15 , 2020 --February 15 , 2020
  • February 16 , 2020 --February 16 , 2020


  • Workshop
    1 650 SEK (1 450 SEK for Premium members at Yogayama Östermalm)
  • Number of hours
    10 hrs

Teacher (s)

Laruga Glaser

Since a young age Laruga has been fascinated with mind/body connections, as well as, spiritual philosophy that later attracted her […]

Prior Knowledge

This workshop is appropriate for students with prior experience in Ashtanga yoga, practicing at least full Primary Series or further.


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Det finns bara en yoga. I augusti lanserar vi våra egna Yogayama klasser, som är utvecklade och framtagna av Yogayamas internationella yogateam.

Vi har inte skapat en ny typ eller stil av yoga, utan en sekvenserad klass som är utformad för att eleverna ska få en djupare upplevelse av yogans helhet. Det ger eleverna möjlighet att växa inte bara i sin fysiska träning utan också att utvecklas mentalt genom pranayama och meditation.

Yogayama är Skandinaviens största yogaskola. Vår målsättning är att skapa en plats för individuell utveckling som inspirerar, stärker och berör. Här ger vi dig utrymme att växa och utvecklas. Vi har ett brett och noga utvalt utbud av klasser, yogalärarutbildningar, workshops, kurser och events. Vi ser fram emot att ta hand om dig på din yogaresa! Mer info kommer i augusti.

Yogaklasserna finns from augusti på Yogayama Östermalm. I våra studios i Norrköping, Göteborg och Sjöstaden kommer klasserna lanseras i början av 2019.

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