Weekend Energy Yoga Workshop with Jason Milne

You are invited to join us for a weekend workshop at Yogayama Östermalm in Stockholm, August 29–30. 

In this 2-day workshop we will explore the theory and practices of the science of Tantra Yoga.  Each day will begin with a complete, two-hour practice session, focusing on invigorating the body, energy and mind through purifying breathing exercises and dynamic asana sequences. You will be taking a journey through the chakra system with a variety of breathing techniques that help to open the energy centers, remove blockages and transform your state of consciousness. The practices will culminate with a meditation and deep relaxation that calm the mind and guide you to rest in the heart space.

In the evenings we will enjoy a gently rejuvenating Yin Yoga practice that focuses on relaxing and opening the body while maintaining a meditative state of internal awareness.

The theory section of our time together will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles and practices of Tantra Yoga.

The workshop will be streamed LIVE from Apex Life Facebook Page. (For the members of “Apex Yoga with Jason Milne” group the recording of the workshop will be available at no cost in the library of practices)

Learn more and book here: https://www.yogayama.com/events_workshop/weekend-tantra-workshop-with-jason-milne/

August 29, 09.30 – 11.30 & 13.30 – 16.30
August30, 09.30 – 11.30 & 13.30 – 16.30

Jason Milne has been teaching yoga for more than 12 years and is a manager/lead teacher over 25 yoga teacher training courses, including 7 (500 hours yoga teacher training) programs with Vikasa Yoga, Agama Yoga (Tantra Yoga School) and various other schools. In 2012, Jason founded, led and taught Yoga Sanctuary, a non-profit, free yoga school for the local community on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Before becoming a yoga teacher, he earned a Master of Education degree in secondary education and was a secondary school teacher in the USA for five years. He is grateful for the blessing of studying and teaching the Tantra Yoga system that has changed his life and the lives of countless students around the world.

He believes that in every situation life has to offer, “THE ANSWER IS LOVE”.



  • August 29 , 2020 --August 30 , 2020


  • Workshop
    1450 sek, (Premium-member 20% off)
  • Number of hours
    10 hrs

Course includes

August 29, 09.30 – 11.30 & 13.30 – 16.30
August30, 09.30 – 11.30 & 13.30 – 16.30

The Tantric approach to the practice of ASANAS.  The emphasis is on the energetic effects of specific asanas for purifying, energizing, balancing and opening the chakras and the entire human system.  Participants will learn the science of sublimation (moving the energy up through the chakra system) and how to utilize asana practice to expand their state of consciousness.


The Tantric approach to the science of PRANAYAMA, focusing on the energetic effects of various pranayama techniques with explanations and teachings on how to perform different breathing techniques that purify, energize, balance and open the chakras.  The science of sublimation with breathing techniques will also be covered in detail. Participants will learn the benefits and importance of applying these techniques to daily, modern life.


The Tantric approach to the powerful practice of BANDHAS.  The emphasis is on the physical, energetic, emotional and mental effects of mulabandha, uddiyana bandha, jalandhara bandha and mahabandha for purifying, energizing, balancing and opening the chakras and the entire human system.  The science of sublimation with the bandha practice will also be covered in detail.  The workshop includes the practical aspects of how to perform the bandhas and how to incorporate these techniques into a regular hatha yoga session for expansion of the consciousness.


The physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the CHAKRA SYSTEM. Participants will learn how to utilize this knowledge in the practices of asana, pranayama, bandhas, sublimation and meditation for purifying, balancing, energizing and healing the entire human system, as well as for the expansion of consciousness.

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Det finns bara en yoga. I augusti lanserar vi våra egna Yogayama klasser, som är utvecklade och framtagna av Yogayamas internationella yogateam.

Vi har inte skapat en ny typ eller stil av yoga, utan en sekvenserad klass som är utformad för att eleverna ska få en djupare upplevelse av yogans helhet. Det ger eleverna möjlighet att växa inte bara i sin fysiska träning utan också att utvecklas mentalt genom pranayama och meditation.

Yogayama är Skandinaviens största yogaskola. Vår målsättning är att skapa en plats för individuell utveckling som inspirerar, stärker och berör. Här ger vi dig utrymme att växa och utvecklas. Vi har ett brett och noga utvalt utbud av klasser, yogalärarutbildningar, workshops, kurser och events. Vi ser fram emot att ta hand om dig på din yogaresa! Mer info kommer i augusti.

Yogaklasserna finns from augusti på Yogayama Östermalm. I våra studios i Norrköping, Göteborg och Sjöstaden kommer klasserna lanseras i början av 2019.

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