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For as long as I can remember, I have always searched for the meaning of life. I have naturally been drawn towards Eastern philosophies and disciplines of the integration of body and mind. Yoga came to me at a point when when a healing was needed of the the body and mind.

1988 I started studying Hatha yoga and a few years later also sampled of the Iyengar tradition, while living in Washington D.C. During that time, I was dancing classical ballet and later competed in road bicycle racing on the East coast. Yoga became my quiet companion and help in the development of these disciplines. I relocated to Miami Beach in 1998 and I was introduced to Ashtanga yoga, which I found to be the perfect combination of movement and stillness. It was then, that I decided to devote myself completely to this path, received a teacher certificate and started teaching in South Beach.

At that time, a yearned for artistic expression became apparent and I started creating metal sculptures. But the yogic path was much stronger and for the next few years I travelled across the US to study with various talented teachers to learn more.
But not until the meeting with my Master (2001), on the first trip to India, that I understood the meaning of this practice, and from that moment on its integration began. Since then yearly trips to the Ashram and silents meditation retreats have been the essence of my Sadhana (spiritual practice).

This practice opened another dimension with the birth of my daughter’s (2005) allowed a healing to take place. I started teaching pre- and postnatal yoga and work with prenatal massage (2008). Assisting the woman during time of pregnancy has given me much joy and in 2017 a doula emerged from within me.

For me, this journey is a path of devotion to the creative Energy within. I am privileged to share this practice with others and wish to do it in most creative and enthusiastic way I know how.

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Det finns bara en yoga. I augusti lanserar vi våra egna Yogayama klasser, som är utvecklade och framtagna av Yogayamas internationella yogateam.

Vi har inte skapat en ny typ eller stil av yoga, utan en sekvenserad klass som är utformad för att eleverna ska få en djupare upplevelse av yogans helhet. Det ger eleverna möjlighet att växa inte bara i sin fysiska träning utan också att utvecklas mentalt genom pranayama och meditation.

Yogayama är Skandinaviens största yogaskola. Vår målsättning är att skapa en plats för individuell utveckling som inspirerar, stärker och berör. Här ger vi dig utrymme att växa och utvecklas. Vi har ett brett och noga utvalt utbud av klasser, yogalärarutbildningar, workshops, kurser och events. Vi ser fram emot att ta hand om dig på din yogaresa! Mer info kommer i augusti.

Yogaklasserna finns from augusti på Yogayama Östermalm. I våra studios i Norrköping, Göteborg och Sjöstaden kommer klasserna lanseras i början av 2019.

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