Martina Cederqvist

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Martina has been practicing yoga since 2003 and teaching since 2013. 

She has a big passion for asanas and alignment and the healing effects of the yoga practice.

Martinas way of teaching is simple but precise as she is inspired by both Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. Her classes is based on the YogaWorks method and includes moving with breath, safe alignment, how to take help from props and body awareness. She did her RYT 500 training with YogaWorks and studies continuously with different teachers to stay inspired. 

”I grew up on Gotland, Sweden with my biggest interests in dance and music. Coming from a non spiritual family, I became a christian at 14 on language course to San Diego. Spiritual practice has been a big part of my life ever since and in my adult life I dived into deep therapeutic work including Osho therapies and many Tantra courses including anti ego feedback and transmission devotion training. For me, there is no limit to how deep we can go on our journey within and how much we can expand. I find Yoga to be a wonderful tool to learn and become more at home with ourselves. It teaches me patience, acceptance and expands my awareness. My fascination for the  practice is limitless and I’ve had the privilege to study with amazing teachers such as Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, Jason Crandall, Caroline Westling and Carrie Owerko.”

Martina is a empathetic teacher, which makes me feel personally guided even in a large group – she is always very committed to each individual participant. Her classes are always well prepared and as her student you will always be challenged while her excellent technical skills and eye for alignment, never leave the ergonomic aspects aside. I especially like how she focuses on building strength, leading to advanced asanas that I never thought would be part of my practice.

Annie NL

Martina makes every class I go to with her a joy! The classes are well structured, clearly explained and I feel in safe hands. The workshops I have attended are always very popular- each pose is broken down so that I can remember the information and apply it in future practices. Martina holds a beautiful safe space, has a wealth of knowledge and delivers it with ease and a lovely smile.

Esme S

With Martinas loving presence and knowledge, she has safely guided me and met me on my way to a stronger and healthier body after a MC- accident. In a calm and respectful way knowing when to push me and when to tell me to back off. She has a fabulous way to build up and vary her sequences, always with accurate alignment. Everything so that I can find inner strength in body and soul.

FotAnna, Fysioterapist

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Martina Cederqvist

Yogayama ClassesRestorativeHatha Yoga

Martina has been practicing yoga since 2003 and teaching since 2013.  She has a big passion for asanas and alignment […]

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Det finns bara en yoga. I augusti lanserar vi våra egna Yogayama klasser, som är utvecklade och framtagna av Yogayamas internationella yogateam.

Vi har inte skapat en ny typ eller stil av yoga, utan en sekvenserad klass som är utformad för att eleverna ska få en djupare upplevelse av yogans helhet. Det ger eleverna möjlighet att växa inte bara i sin fysiska träning utan också att utvecklas mentalt genom pranayama och meditation.

Yogayama är Skandinaviens största yogaskola. Vår målsättning är att skapa en plats för individuell utveckling som inspirerar, stärker och berör. Här ger vi dig utrymme att växa och utvecklas. Vi har ett brett och noga utvalt utbud av klasser, yogalärarutbildningar, workshops, kurser och events. Vi ser fram emot att ta hand om dig på din yogaresa! Mer info kommer i augusti.

Yogaklasserna finns from augusti på Yogayama Östermalm. I våra studios i Norrköping, Göteborg och Sjöstaden kommer klasserna lanseras i början av 2019.

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