We name yoga poses according to the shape that the body takes. That shape is determined entirely by the position of the skeleton’s many joints. Practicing and teaching asana works better with an understanding of the parts and forces that make then body’s shapes.

This series starts by developing a fluency in anatomical terms, followed by a guided tour of the musculoskeletal system, including information about special conditions like common anomalies, injury management and prevention; and modifying for pregnancy.

Module 1 : Introduction to the Course

Module 2 : Components of Joints

Module 3 : Introduction to Muscle Function

Module 4 : Muscle Roles and Types of Contraction

Module 5 : Transforming the Body with Asana

Module 6 : The Language of Anatomy

Module 7 : The Vertebral Column and Thorax

Module 8 : The Pelvis, Hips and Sacroiliac

Module 9 : Core Musculature and Function

Module 10 : The Hips / Spine Relationship in Asana

Module 11 : The Shoulders

Module 12 : The Arms and Hands

Module 13 : The Legs and Feet

Module 14 : Other Systems of the Body

Module 15 : Dealing with Injury and Special Conditions